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107 Chautauqua Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA, 90402
United States


Center Gravity is the premiere physical training program, nutrition coaching, and events planning service for movement arts located in Los Angeles.

Classes, Nutrition, and Leadership training programs for children and adults offered that pull together all practices of tumbling, dance, acrobatics, warrior, obstacle, strength, yoga, physical theater, and stunts that progress the beginner to professional.

Art&Action Past

Projects Art & Action has hosted and completed, get inspired below and CONTACT US to setup your own mentorship and project!

Jipe Moyo: A Benefit Show for Tanzanian Children in Need of Medical Care

This concert raised over $4,000 to support 4 children in Africa have a life altering surgery to correct Spinal Tuberculosis.  These children went on to get their education in boarding schools.  As a result of working with Art & Action, Masha Balovlenkov, went on to launch “Stand Tall International” to continue raising funds for children in need. October 30, 2014


Artist Bazaar


Our Artist Bazaar was a HUGE hit at the Brewery ArtWalk.  We featured over 15 Artists including Ocean Urth Jewelry by, Cori Ann Ketchum, Chinese watercolors by, Laurienne Singer & Angela Hsin, and designer pillows, by Joey Cuellar to name a few!  April 27th, 2014


Over 20 Artist came to experience the Viewpoints Workshop Led by Jonathan CK Williams.  This was an impacting collaborative environment that supported this artist network expand their performance through the combination and use of ensemble building exercises, somatic movement techniques, as well as practice in a sampling of specific aspects of the Viewpoints Method.  May 29, 2014 & June 5, 2014


An informal opportunity for artists of all genre to present their work and get feedback from other artists and participants.

Seattle Vintage Circus Fundraiser
at Velocity

A colorful and dynamic Seattle performance festival hosted by Not Man Apart, featuring Artists Christian Swenson, Scott Davies, Matthew Kirk, Kat Murphy, Charlotte Smith, and Anne-Marie Talmadge.  This concert raised funds and the West Coast awareness of Art & Action.  August 7th, 2015


Concert: Magic Mirror

Dark and melodic, Magic Mirror created an intimate concert that was uniquely LA.  Audience was drawn into their poignant songs.  August 21, 2014

Sioux ZQ's
Post-Apocalyptic Aerial Army, in:
"The Wizard of the Apocalypse!"

Sioux ZQ is a Los Angeles based aerialist and choreographer, who teaches and performs at various locations throughout the city.  This was her debut performance dynamically showcasing her students in “The Wizard of the Apocalypse”. December 5, 2015

In the Hall of the Mountain Queen

Sioux ZQ hosted a second evening-length collection of students and friends who gathered to celebrate a night of fairyland debauchery features aerialists on a wide variety of aerial apparatuses, as well as an array of gound acts such as acro-yoga, hoop, chain warrior, and dance wings! May 13, 2017

Jones Welsh presents
Performance Zoo LA

A fun variety show of Local L.A. performance “wildlife” led by Art and Action Co-Founder, Jones Welsh.  This evening featured local artists and benefited Not Man Apart-Physical Theater Ensemble's Spring Show: The Superhero and his Charming Wife. First show February 6, 2016 @ Brockus Project Studios
Second show February 11, 2017, 8pm @ Diavolo Studio to benefit Not Man Apart-Physical Theater Ensemble's Spring Show: Paradise Lost: Reclaiming Destiny

Artists Featured: Sioux ZQ, Bryan "Boogie Mind" East, David "Soop" Frison, Shih-wei Wu and Adam Kerbel, Philip and Freddie Al-Hajj, Elisa Rosin, Robert Selander, Rubans Rouge Dance.


The Creeps Ball was an eerie and magical masquerade gala celebrating diversity and awareness of marginalized people. With the guidance of Art & Action, Catherine Waller, raised funds for her international tour of “The Creeps” and donated parts of the proceeds to the Los Angeles LBGT youth homeless center.  This was our first live and international performance that included dancers performing from all parts of the globe a “Freedom” dance, choreographed by Charles Roy. July 15, 2016







AmaTerra Dance Performance

Art and Action premiered Critical Mass Dance Company's work AmaTerra in June 2016. This 'blacklight dance theater,' blended dance, aerial arts, and flow arts. This event also featured the Sierra Club who hosted a live interactive butterfly observatory preshow.  Kids and adults were uplifted and inspired to create a cleaner, more beautiful, ecofriendly, environment. Nov. 15&16, 2014

Back with a New Performance - Los Angeles premiere

Arco Iris: The Rainbow Bridge

Using CMDC's signature blacklight dance theater, this family-friendly show builds bridges, uplifts the spirit and inspires the imagination. On the day when the veil between worlds is the thinnest, dancers cross the rainbow bridge to meet their female ancestors. Using glow-in-the-dark wings, ribbons, fans, and more, Arco Iris: The Rainbow Bridge celebrates the lives of immigrant women.

Sat, December 10, 2016, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST

@ Diavolo Studio, 616 Moulton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90031