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107 Chautauqua Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA, 90402
United States


Center Gravity is the premiere physical training program, nutrition coaching, and events planning service for movement arts located in Los Angeles.

Classes, Nutrition, and Leadership training programs for children and adults offered that pull together all practices of tumbling, dance, acrobatics, warrior, obstacle, strength, yoga, physical theater, and stunts that progress the beginner to professional.




Iron Fist, Cloud Feet – Contact Improvisation for Gentle Impact 

Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced Skill Levels

Contact Improvisation and Partnering offer benefits in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and body awareness. 

This class or series will prepare students for partnering safety and the basics of moving with a point of contact, with a particular focus on transforming the potential danger of falling or slamming into a soft and fluffy descent. We will incorporate techniques of softening the body to avoid impact as well as using impact to propel the body into circular and spiraling movements, taken from Aikido and Capoeira. Stacking the body or creating “Break-aways” in movement, lead to finding pathways in and away from the floor while maintaining an acute listening to the other bodies involved.  Participants will learn the sensitive areas of the body, how to create structures of support, and how to track a body in space into “windows of opportunity”.  Particular attention will be given to changing or maintaining pressure and using fear of inversion or giving weight as an indicator for effective movement.