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107 Chautauqua Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA, 90402
United States


Center Gravity is the premiere physical training program, nutrition coaching, and events planning service for movement arts located in Los Angeles.

Classes, Nutrition, and Leadership training programs for children and adults offered that pull together all practices of tumbling, dance, acrobatics, warrior, obstacle, strength, yoga, physical theater, and stunts that progress the beginner to professional.


Be your own Hero!

Center Gravity is the premiere training facility, nutrition center, and events space for movement arts located on the Westside of Los Angeles.

Nutrition and training programs offered for children and adults that bring together all practices of tumbling, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, strength/obstacle training, aerial arts, yoga, physical theater, and Parkour, that progress the beginner to professional.

How To Lose Weight While Traveling!

Anne-Marie Talmadge

1) Prepare Yourself Before You Go. I like to get my body prepped for vacation by shocking it. What I did to prepare was a 3 day Herbalife/Juice fast that included 1 protein meal a day. Getting myself used to a liquid diet helps me fight off all the hunger urges while on vacation. Not to mention cleaning your digestive system feels so good you don't want to put junk in it after. (Message me and I'll be happy to send you my exact plan for this 3 day cleanse)

2) Get A Room With A Kitchen. ITS WORTH IT. The biggest part of vacation is the meals you out and have no clue how they are prepared. I'm not saying avoid going out with friends. What I am saying is going to a restaurant isn't the only way to connect to people. I've enjoyed meeting colleagues at parks or taking yoga classes with friends. I promise that doing what keeps you in integrity with your health goals will be much more enjoyable then cheating every night.

3) Workout First Thing In The AM. If you don't have a gym, no problem. I often bring my jump rope with me. Just 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning and my mindset is already in a better place to stay on track.

4) Plan Your Luxuries. It's vacation for Gods sake. Enjoy yourself, but keep it within your calorie range. If I know I'm going to have a cheat meal, I plan it out. For example, I like asking the friend I'm meeting to tell me the best desert place they have in town and we go were they love. I take a few bites and savor a shared moment.
**also I like to plan healthy cheats as daily options when I'm on vacation. Instead of having a beer, I have a Kombucha. Instead of a pasta filled night, I have a slice of bread and almond butter. Just knowing its available and I'm not making myself "bad" for having it is a helpful tool in taking the desire out of eating everything. Whatever it is for you, get the best thing available and have a little serving a night.**

5) DONT FORGET YOUR HERBALIFE. Even if you have 1 shake a day it's there in the room reminding you that you are up to something. Keep on your plan. Your dream body is right around the corner.

(Not to mention Herbalife has so many products for food craving)